Feed Me a Story is an interactive collaboration between Theresa Loong and Laura Nova that encourages the sharing of secret family recipes and memories. We work on intergenerational projects focusing on the elderly and children, and other communities that are underserved and overlooked by mainstream media. We have performed at the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We produced an iOS app prototype with POV/PBS, led storytelling and cooking workshops for SPARC, screened a documentary film at Lu Magnus Gallery and created a public art billboard, funded in part by the NEA, for FABnyc. We have received numerous grants, residencies and press. We have lectured at the conference of the Association for the Study of Food and Society and the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society. We are inspired by two of the oldest interactive experiences - eating and talking.

2014, FabLES, Vinyl and Video, 64' x 8', First Street Green Art Park, NY

As part of the fabLES Public Art project produced by FABnyc, Feed Me a Story created a billboard consisting of food stories gathered on the Lower East Side and shared with the public through an interactive video installation.

A demonstration of the app we built.

Photos from other Feed Me A Story works, including The Last Supper (2012, Brooklyn Museum), Take Out (2015, The Metropolitan Museum of Art), and Treat Truck (2012, Hester Street Fair)